Thursday, October 28, 2010

Humble beginnings

I think I'll start this blog off with a poem. This one seems an especially good one for it.

The World as Ecstasy

Listen-- the stars speak in tongues,
screaming out nonsense light,
spectral waves of rapture and
delight in fits of cosmic ecstasy;
forests pour out chords of wood,
vibratory seasons ringing in the grain,
while the flowers follow a sweeter beat,
equally turning their love into honey
as they nod their heads to the rise
and set of sun. Rain comes also,
its drumbeat rumble the echo
of its rolling trance, ecstatic grey-skied
transcendence thrown over mountains
that rise and fall as music set in stone.
The streams gurgle down their sides
a melodious joy, tuned to the rocks
they slide among, screaming over the falls
and dreaming on their swinging course
to the ocean's own song, replete
with the waterspouts' whirl and the
shining curl of every wave echoing
the sun's mystery-speech, red with the fire
of the dawn's giddy swirl. All things sing.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brandon -- It's Barakh from poemzone! I just thought I would check out your website. Beautiful photos of nature! I really like your poem, too -- full of wonderful metaphors -- it really sings to me! You should post on poemzone again.

    Phil Schlee
    aka Barakh