This blog started off as a dumping place for various thoughts and ideas, often philosophical and spiritual in nature, but to be honest I grew a bit tired of talking about those things. Too much talk, not enough doing, too much theory, not enough application. Too heady. So I've decided to turn this blog towards the great outdoors. Instead of Notes from the Outside being a reference to my less than conventional position on a variety of things, I'm going to make it more of a reference to nature, wildlife, trip reports, bushcraft, and the like. 

There will still be philosophical posts, because that's just who I am; but I hope to keep them more to a nature and wilderness focus, about things that come to me as I ramble about in Florida out-of-doors. I will of course leave all the old posts up, as I still stand by much of what was written in them. You may still expect the occasional poem as well. 
-March 15, 2013

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About the Author

It's such a good day!
What you read here on this blog are the thoughts and ponderings of a late twenties guy as he tries to figure things out on this journey of life. Some are more personal than others. Some are poems, some are poetic thoughts, some are serious-minded essays, some are angry rants. Of course, I welcome and encourage comments and reactions, as I love a good discussion or debate.

I consider myself a philosophical person, always interested in looking more deeply into things. As for spirituality, I don't consider myself part of any sect or religion. I was raised Catholic, complete with K-8 Catholic schooling; but as an adult am very drawn to Taoism and Zen. Still, I am open to many thoughts and traditions. In practical terms, I also very much respect and accept what science is showing us, though have a feeling there is somehow more to it than their "dead universe" view of things.  

Utah campsite in Temple Fork Canyon
I'm also deeply in love with the great outdoors, including having completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2008 and a partial hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011, called to a halt due to a family emergency back home. I've also worked on a conservation crew in Utah, as well as having been a ridgerunner on the New Jersey Appalachian Trail, and a summit caretaker on the Long Trail in Vermont. I just love being out in the mountains and forests. There is a freedom and peace there like nothing else in life, and I often feel the need to journey "beyond the wall," even in small doses, such as over-night trips or even just day hikes. A major activity of mine while I'm out there is bird watching, though of course I'm glad to observe any wildlife that might pass my way. 

I'm a big fan of sustainability, permaculture, and have a goal of someday homesteading in a similar vein as did Thoreau in his cabin at Walden Pond. I am a definite fan of his. I also love Edward Abbey and everything he's ever written, though I'm not a clone of all of his ways of thinking. So like these and other authors, I sometimes transition into politics. Usually it is through an environmentalist's lens, or the social justice lens.

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