Saturday, April 20, 2013

Portrait of Fractal Nature

Cypress knees poke up through the swampy waters, perfectly themselves, completely of place they are. Yet they are also fractal images of other things. Here is a Zen garden of its own creation, needing no silent monks to maintain them. Here is an island chain in miniature, with moss for the vertical forest of some precipitous Pacific archipelago, or some South China mountain range. I wonder, if one looked closely enough, if a tiny temple might be perched somewhere in these craggy peaks, there in joyful worship of its own very nature, the nature of us all. For do we not all, on seeing such a place, exult in some inward place, some hidden temple of the heart?


  1. Hi, Brandon. I moved my 'Delirious Ramblings' blog a couple weeks ago to a new domain and I'm scouring the net asking people to update their links. I was wondering if you could update the link over there in the sidebar to the new address '' ? The name of my blog is the same, just the hostname has changed.

    There's no new posts here and haven't seen any comments from you on my website for a while. I hope everything's okay.

    1. Done and done.

      Me, I'm good. Living in the N. Carolina mountains now. I just fell off the blogging thing. Sometimes feel like writing, but the impetus is gone, and as hardly anyone seemed to read, and even fewer comment/discuss, not much point. I think what I'd rather find is a good set of forums. I like the back and forth, debate and discussion and all that. I find that more rewarding than the one sided nature of blogging.

      But, who knows. I may end up back here. You never know. Thanks for caring enough to mention it, anyways. I'll go check out your blog, as I am way behind. :)

  2. Cool, thanks man. Glad to hear you're doing well. I bet you're digging the mountains again after the long hitch in Florida.

    I spent some time down in South Carolina, near Columbus and Columbia, back in the late 1980s. I loved the forest there. Not many mountains but still pretty cool. Never did get up into N. Carolina, though.