Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, no rant today. Sure, I could go on about the commercialization of holidays, or get all philosophical as is my wont, maybe about the Tao of Christmas or the psychological benefits of family time.

But nah. Just a very Merry Christmas to my few readers, and a poem (see previous message) for the day. I hope the day finds you all well, and that you spend it how you want.


  1. I went grocery shopping! My theory was that all the good little Christians would be home celebrating under dead trees near the hearth. Boy, was I ever wrong. Just like all of us pagans, they were out in droves looking for bargains.

    Maybe I can shop in obscurity on Easter?

  2. TRT, we all know that Mammon is the REAL god in this country. ;)