Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

I always wish I could get more into solstices and such. I like the pagan aspect of it all, the nature-religion idea. But when I'm living in a city I just can't feel it; it just has no real bearing on my life, and any ritual or tradition I might follow seems hollow and meaningless. We don't live in nature's cycles anymore, so why bother getting excited about a solstice?

Still, there is something. Goethe said "everything is a metaphor" and as someone who considers himself a poet, I agree. I see everything that way, I'm never content or able to just see things on the surface. So here we had a winter solstice, darkest day of the year, and also a total lunar eclipse (which I was too tired to get up and see). Darkness on darkness.

I'm telling myself that now, things are going to be brighter. I've hit bottom, and now life will be on the upswing. That is what I'm going to let it represent for me; this is my new year. It's not about resolutions, it's about latching on to the growing light and letting it take me along.

I guess this all sounds pretty silly. Maybe I'm just trying to hype myself for better times to come. Any port in a storm, though.

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