Thursday, January 20, 2011


Made some changes on the template, then decided I was sick of dealing with it and went back with what works; it's not worth the mental effort to me, so I'm back to the original. It feels too dark to me, but oh well.

Also, if anyone's interested, I've opened a new blog, Moccasin's PCT Hike, which is going to be where I post to while I'm out there hiking (such is the plan, anyways). Not going to be much activity there until April, though the occasional preparation post will go up in the meantime.


  1. Brandon, regarding the design changes to your template. The background picture is nice, but it is difficult to read the contents of your post. Two things you could do: either pick a different template using the same background image, or if you keep this template "watermark", you go into the "blogger template designer" and choose "post". Right now you have "transparent selected" you could try out a solid background color, but you'll have to experiment with it to see what looks best.

  2. Your Pacific Crest Trail hike sounds really exciting, look forward to reading about it.

    Some questions I have.

    Are you going to be posting from public computers when you can find them, or are you bringing along a laptop or cellphone with internet access (whenever you'd be in range of service)?

    Wondering what the expense of such a trip is? And how long does it typically take?

    Not counting cost of gear, or transportation costs to get you to the start of your hike, what do you think is the bare minimum amount of money a person would need to complete that walk, for things like food, fuel, lodgings (when you can't camp for free, or if you need a shower), and other incidentals?

  3. I don't know if it's because I no longer have glare on my screen, but for some reason it's not as unreadable as I originally thought. Regarding my first comment, I don't think I made myself clear. To change the background color of your post from transparent to something else, while still retaining the background image:

    1. You open up the blogger template designer

    2. Choose advanced options.

    3. Click on post

    4. Change color from transparent to something else.

    You may not want to do that though, as the transparent option may be most suitable for this template. Other things you could alter, is the font size, font type, and different text/link colors. I think the white visited link color looks good.

    Or you could just keep it the way it is. Despite what I wrote earlier, it's not's just a major change from what you had before. Although I have perfect vision, so I can't say how it would appear to someone with poor vision. Okay that's my two cents, I think I've commented more than enough on the subject for one day.

  4. Thanks for the instructions, though I had already been playing with it. the thing is on my screen i can only see just the upper parts of the mountains, it's mostly sky. Not sure how it appears on other monitors, that's why I asked.

    I'm gonna try it this way, let me know what you think? I like the transparency, but if it's too overwhelming I'll just have to let it go I guess.

  5. Oh, and I'll be updating the PCT blog from public computers or computers at hostels. The total cost I hope to keep under 4000, including prep and gear (most of which I already had). 3000 on trail dollars is hopefully the tops. I did the AT for just over 2000, not counting gear and prep which I didn't keep track of. The whole hike should take about 4 - 5 months, probably closer to 5

  6. It's slightly more readable than the other one. I have no problems reading it.

    But the fact is some people prefer dark backgrounds, while others prefer light, so you can't really please everyone.

    I personally prefer using a lighter template, but I'm sure to some people the white is probably blinding. I can't worry about that, I do what works best for me, and you do what works best for you.

  7. I can barely make out the text. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact I'm wearing sunglasses indoors (twitching eye issue continues).

  8. Thank you all for bearing with me. I love the transparent, but have decided having people able to read the blog is more important (duh). Please let me know if the font colors still make it too hard.

  9. First off I want to say that I like your blog and will continue reading it regardless of whichever template design you use.

    However, since you asked, this new royal blue background color is a bit too loud and overwhelming. I mean I like the color, but not for reading text on. Could you imagine if books were printed in this color? It reminds me of construction paper projects in kindergarten...maybe okay for a personal scrapbook, of pictures and short poems, but for long essays it's kind of annoying.

    Between the last 3 or 4 templates you've tried I liked the original one with the brown background/header map the best.

    Obviously you should use whatever you like, it's your blog after all, but I just find this current color a bit overwhelming (though the background image is fine).

    Also your new PCT blog's template looks fine. Why not use that one, with the same color theme used there, but with this background picture? Just a suggestion. Though if you really love this one, by all means continue using it, don't let my opinion sway you. Like I said, I'll keep reading regardless. I only give my opinion on this because you asked.

  10. @rambling taoist

    I don't mean to make fun, but the thought of you reading the blogs while wearing sunglasses indoors after midnight, is quite amusing.

  11. Sometimes what you come up with in the beginning is just fine.

  12. I've wasted countless hours changing my template design, only to end up going back to what I had in the first place. Sometimes it's best to just pick out a simple design without all the bells and whistles, and forget about it, so you can focus entirely on your writing. Yeah this template may be dark, but it's easy to read and gets the job done, best to leave it at that.