Monday, January 17, 2011

Ka Boom

So, I was bored the other day. In my web surfing I came across the E = mc2 equation. Thought I'd try to calculate the energy present in my body, with the help of Wikipedia's equivalents. I came out with 1,219,029.493474 kilotons of TNT. This is equal to over 67,723 of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima (15-18 kilotons), 58,049 of Nagasaki (25 kilotons), or about 24 times the size of the Tsar Bomba (50 megatons), the largest atomic detonation ever. All that in a couple of cubic meters of flesh. If every atom of mine dissolved their energies all at once, I'd light up like the sun.

Use the force, Luke

Naturally the conversion isn't perfect, and I read that it doesn't quite work that way, but more or less that's about the length of it. No matter what, I have the power of the sun in my make up, I am truly a being of light. For what is matter, what is solidness, but vast energies moving very very fast in a very very tight space? Like the solid disc of a moving fan, which you cannot throw an egg through, there's nothing solid there at all, just movement, just pure energy.

Like a little tale I read once, about a man and an angel walking along. Together they pass through an area of fog, then they encounter a log across the path. The man goes over, the angel walks through it. When the man asks how, the angel says he did it in the same way the man went through the fog: by being denser than it. That is to say, having more energy. You can see that if the egg was moving fast enough (i.e., had enough energy) it could be thrown through the fan. Like how old fighter planes shot bullets through the propeller, timing and speed.

Zing! Whoosh!
Anyways, in the end it's all vibration. I said a few cubic meters of flesh; but really if all the "matter" of my body were collected into a purely dense piece, it'd still be invisible. An atom the size of a football stadium would have a nucleus the size of a football and electrons the size of grains of sand out in the nosebleeds. As physicists develop ever "sharper" "knives" (atom smashers), they will find tinier and tinier "bits" and this could continue forever, there's no ultimate bedrock of matter. You can't get via division to anything that is indivisible. No matter how small the number, you can always divide it again. Matter is a vibration of something we know not what.

What is this world in which we live?

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