Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I believe in aliens.

I don't figure they've visited us. No human can keep a secret, not really, and certainly not one that big, and certainly not a group of people. Someone's gonna leak it. Anyways, you don't travel the light years of space to sneak around anally probing rednecks and hillbillies. I think it's more likely to be top secret military jets and spy craft, or natural phenomena.

The universe is... unutterably, unfathomably, ineffably huge. The number of stars in our galaxy alone staggers the mind, but there are as many galaxies in the universe as stars in our galaxy. Many of those stars have planets. How can we be the only planet with life on it? Any life, intelligent or not.

But here's the thing. What I just said may not be true. The things we know, are not actually things we know. People used to know that the sky was a hard firmament upon which moved the sun and stars, the Earth in the center. People used to know the Earth was flat. People used to know that flies came from spoiled meat. Science changes often. Sometimes radically, major paradigm shifts. Science is relative, not absolute, and could be a laughable myth that will some day be the butt of a future society's jokes.

Conditions conducive to life are pretty narrow and specific. I'll admit we only have Earth life to study, and maybe it could take other forms. But we don't know that. Maybe the universe is not actually so ineffably big, maybe we have it wrong. Or, maybe it is big, but the dice were thrown and somehow only came up sevens here. Good ol' Earth. Possible.

So, belief or not, the belief is empty. Doesn't matter. We know very few things, really, one of which being that we are alive. We don't know about the stars or even what live is. Only that we are alive. We will probably never know of any other life. We could truly be the miracle of the universe. I guess I'm saying, let's take some care of it.

No, say not "it." Say rather, "us." We are one Life, after all.


  1. you don't travel the light years of space to sneak around anally probing rednecks and hillbillies.

    Anally? Having to do with one's anus? I hope you meant a different word because that makes no sense -- at least to me. :-)

    As to the main topic, I believe it is very probable there are life forms beyond this planet. These forms may be among us right now and the only reason we aren't aware of it is that we define life and life forms so narrowly.

  2. I believe in the possibility of aliens. I believe in the possibility that aliens have visited this planet, and I believe in the possibility that could still be visiting us and living among us to this day.

    Not saying I believe it's a fact, but just acknowledging the possibility of it.

    I also believe in the possibility that people CAN keep secrets. Secret societies are a perfect example. Otherwise, if people can't keep secrets, that would imply that there are NO SECRETS whatsoever, and I find that there unlikely.

    Could be that intelligent aliens don't reveal themselves to those who couldn't keep the secret. Or maybe they have a way of erasing peoples memory, like in the Men in Black movie, if they turned out to be a security risk.

    I could go on about this, but I don't want to hijack your post.

    However, three books I'd like to recommend on the subject, which I also plan to revisit again myself are:

    The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Stichen. There's a whole series of them, but this is the first one.

    Chariots of the Gods, by Erich Von Daniken.

    Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock.

    And also the video interviews with the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa are also quite intriguing. Google it if you like.

  3. Anal probes are commonly reported by "abductees." Cosmic colonoscopies. From Uranus.

    The interesting thing to think about people who report UFOs and abductions and such is WHY would someone do that?

    Another recommended book, "The Mothman Prophecies," (on which the Richard Gere --please no gerbils from outer space jokes --movie was somewhat loosely based). The late John Keel has a pretty good reputation in this area of inquiry.

  4. @TRT What's not to understand about an anal probe? Like a prostate exam...or worse.

    One thing though with people claiming to have been abducted by aliens and "anally probed", is that it could be a sign that they were raped, not by an alien but by a human, and perhaps slipped some kind of halluncinogenic mickey, which caused them to hallucinate the whole alien encounter.

    Or it could be a repressed memory of childhood sexual abuse, which may have been so traumatic that they dissociated themselves from what really happened, creating the false memory of the alien encounter. Like what was sort of alluded to in The Butterfly Effect movie, which some say was in itself a reference to Project Monarch, the government funded clandestine experimental behavior modification program.

    It's some evil stuff. I only mention it because drugs, abuse, and mind control experimentation (conducted here on earth by humans) should be considered as possible factors in any alleged cases of alien abduction, especially those involving "anal probes".