Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, I'm going to be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for the next several months, leaving this blog on hiatus while I'm out playing in the mountains. I may occasionally update here, but probably not much, or at all. I do have a blog on the hike that I'm going to try to update, found here:

Moccasin's PCT Hike

Moccasin is my trail name, by the way. Don't know how often I'll be able to update, but I sure welcome you to check in now and then.

In the meantime, the old posts here are still there for your reading enjoyment. Below are highlighted a few of my favorites. Also, if you're interested in poetry, I have several poems up, you can read them here.  Otherwise... thanks for reading, for your thoughtful comments, and, until September, farewell!

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  1. Good luck to you! And I'm off to China in two weeks to hide behind the Great Firewall.
    It's been grand, these conversations.

  2. Give me a shout out somewhere on the southern Washington portion of the trail! (I won't hear it, of course, as I'm down here along the coast, but maybe a bird can relay the message to me.)

    I don't understand the link you provided for Moccasin's PCT Hike. It goes to a post on this site from January that doesn't even reference the hike.

  3. @Rambling Taoist

    That was obviously a typo. The link to his Pacific Crest Trail hike blog is listed on his profile page, but in case you missed it here's the link:

  4. Now that you're off the trail, can we expect more posts back here?